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Indoor BeeKeeping Is The Hot New Way To Help Save The Bees

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You’ve probably heard it a lot, but we need to save all the bees!

Bees are so important for our ecosystem and that is why so many are jumping on board to help save and colonize them.

While some people plant bee friendly gardens and others make bee waterers to ensure they can hydrate without drowning, some are taking it another step further.

People are now turning to indoor BeeKeeping as a way to decorate and help save the bees!


Indoor BeeKeeping is also referred to as a BEEcosystem.


A BEEcosystem is an observation honeybee hive that makes pollinator education more accessible. Plus, it’s a great way to help provide the bees a safe place to make honey, pollinate, etc.


You may have seen one of these at your local museum but now people are putting them in their homes.

While I certainly like the idea and concept, I am a bit afraid as I think my kids would totally find a way to break that glass and then I’d have bees all over in my home.


Overall, it’s a great idea and there are even companies that will install and set these all up for you in your home.

Just Google “BEEecosystems installed near me” and you’ll find companies.

Would you install one of these in your home?


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