You Can Get An Inflatable Beach Ball Swimsuit and Be The Center of Attention at The Pool

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Let’s hope it doesn’t pop!

I mean, if you’re looking to turn heads or be the center of attention at the pool, this is probably for you…


You can get an inflatable beach ball swimsuit, because why not?


People will be turning heads as you walk on by on what seems to be an inflatable adult diaper with striped colors…


I mean, do you float? I have no idea.

Each beach ball swimsuit is custom made using 2 layers of PVC. Two Intex brand 24” beach balls are cut open to form a waist and two leg holes. They are then joined together with vinyl cement and reinforced around the openings.


Once you get it, you just inflate it and then put them on and you’re ready for a day at the pool.


Just stay away from sharp objects, I can see that being bad very quick.


You can get your own Beach Ball Swimsuit from the etsy shop CandyCoatedSqueaks. Keep in mind there is a 6-8 week wait since they have so many orders. Prices start at $138+.

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