Pivot On Over, Because You Can Now Get An Inflatable ‘Friends’ Couch Sprinkler

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What’s the first thing you think of when you read “80’s orange couch”.

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Your first thought would probably be the couch on the set of Friends and who’s to blame you, the famous couch is not only stylish, but it’s iconic.

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And not only have fans of the show tried to clone the couch in their own living room, but you can even visit a replica couch that sits in front of the same fountain where the cast used to gather in the intro!

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Aside from taking candid photos on the replica couch or hunting for the bright orange couch for your living room, here’s how you can snag a Friends lookalike couch sooner than trying to search for one.

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Thanks to Amazon, you can be twinning with the sitcom and own a similar couch like the one seen on Friends, but rather than placing this couch in the living room, it’s best if it goes outside instead.

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The lookalike couch not only has similar features to the one on set, but it also acts a sprinkler to cool you down for the upcoming dog days of summer because as we all know, it’s going to be a hot one!

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The blowup couch by BigMouth fits up to three adults and attaches to your regular garden hose with a sprinkler that sprays water at the top!

Courtesy of Amazon

So there’s no reason to book a trip to drive all the way to the Warner Bros. lot when you have your own Friends imitation couch right outside your home!

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently find the Friends inspired couch on Amazon for the summer season!

Courtesy of Amazon

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