These Inflatable Jack Skellington Pumpkins Are Simply Meant to Be In Your Yard for Halloween

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Ditch the jack-o-lanterns this Halloween and say hello to Jack-o-Skellingtons instead.

Introducing blow-up decor inspired by the Pumpkin King, each inflatable pumpkin is decorated with Jack Skellington’s face.

Inflatable white pumpkins in several different sizes and shapes, each pumpkin has a different Jack Skellington facial expression right front and center.

Courtesy of Lowe’s

Replacing the classic triangular shaped eyes, a spiky mouth, and an upside triangle for a nose, these pumpkins are decorated with Jack Skellington’s emotions.

Courtesy of Lowe’s

Pumpkins that inflate and illuminate, place in the front yard or in the back, to decorate the outside space of your home come Halloween!

Courtesy of Lowe’s

And don’t worry, setup is super simple.

Plug-in, stake down, and watch the flat pumpkins gain their shape!

Courtesy of Lowe’s

You can currently find the inflatable Jack Skellington pumpkins online at Lowe’s this Halloween season!

Courtesy of Lowe’s

Just remember to plug-in so they shine bright at nights so Jack himself can stop by the house.

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