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Target Has An Inflatable Limbo Sprinkler For The Perfect Day Of Fun In The Sun

Anyone up for a game of Limbo? Don’t mind if I do!

But I must warn you, I have a bit of a competitive side…

This sprinkler takes the old fashioned game of Limbo and gives it a makeover!

Courtesy of Target

This sprinkler sprays water at the top of the limbo bar to add more difficulty for the game that already tests your flexibility and balance, like it’s not already hard!

Courtesy of Target

It’s called the H2OGO! Limbo Sprinkler, and it’s a perfect way to get kids outside and have fun in the sun!

The brightly colored sprinkler quickly inflates for little wait time and has an adjustable limbo bar for your desired height!

Courtesy of Target

You can find this water toy at Target for only 16 bucks!

Connect your garden hose, place in the backyard and you’ve got yourself a friendly game of Limbo that also cools kids off on a hot summer day!

The perfect fun in the sun activity if you ask me!

Courtesy of Target

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