You Can Get An Inflatable Margarita Pool Float and I Need It In My Life

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When life gives you a margarita with lime, drink by the poolside.

And thanks to Swimline, we can now can sip on our favorite adult drink while floating on our favorite marg.

Introducing the green margarita that garnishes your pool and not just your drink!

Courtesy of Amazon

Featuring your favorite garnishes including a lime wedge backrest to achieve ultimate relaxation and a decorative straw for show, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting a few more rounds than usual.

Courtesy of Amazon

And should you start craving another round of margaritas on the house, there’s a convenient cupholder on the side so you can rest your drink.

Courtesy of Amazon

Never made your own margarita?

This pool float is the perfect reason to make one at home for the first time!

Courtesy of Amazon

You can find the margarita pool float online at Amazon this summer season to beat the heat!

Courtesy of Amazon


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