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You Can Get A Giant Inflatable Pink Sports Car Pool Float That Comes With Cooler

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If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own sports car, consider your dream turned into a reality.

And this sports car, even floats on water.

You can now get a sports car in the version of a pool float!

Okay okay, while this may not be the sports car of your dreams, this pool float is certainly worth adding to your collection of other pool accessories.

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So before the summer season hits, here’s what you need to know about this luxury pool float.

Courtesy of Amazon

The first “sports car” that sits on water, the 90’s inspired convertible pool float doesn’t have any seats, but rather it does have a flat middle surface that allows you lay comfortably in the sun.

Plus, there’s even a head rest for extra comfort.

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Toss in the pool or in the lake at a campground, this inflatable can float anywhere as long as there’s water!

Not to mention there’s plenty of your room for you and a friend considering its length is around 6 and a half feet long.

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Although what may truly be the coolest feature included on this pool float is the large indentation that sits behind the headrest which you can use to store ice and stash your favorite drinks with you on the water!

There’s also two cupholders for drinks that don’t have a cap to prevent any spills.

Courtesy of Amazon

So if it wasn’t already obvious, this pink sports car will be the pool float of the summer season.

You can currently find the sport car pool inflatable online at Amazon!

Courtesy of Amazon

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