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You Can Get This Large Inflatable Rocket Ship Sprinkler That Shoots Water Out Of The Top And My Kids Are Obsessed

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You can get an inflatable rocket ship for your backyard, and it just happens to have water shooting out the top!

This summer is no joke! It’s just started, and we are already breaking heat records across the United States.

I am trying to find all sorts of ways for my kids to have fun while trying to beat that heat.

Of course, we MUST start by putting on about 17 thick coats of sunscreen, because we burn like our Irish ancestors did before us. LOL!!


But then, we can get down to having all the fun in the sun that we can handle!

One thing we just got was this Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler for the kids to run through.

I’ll tell you what, if it’s inflatable, and if it has water squirting out of it, my kids are going to LOVE it!!

At over 6 feet tall, this rocket is great for the kids, but it’s also tall enough for parents to run through (like me).

Oh, I FOR SURE love to run through the sprinklers like I’m living my best life!

[Your kids] will be the coolest in community this summer as the kids in the neighborhood will want to come play with [them].


You can also adjust the amount of water that sprays out the top — Low, Medium, or High pressure.

After you inflate this fun water toy, installing the water hose is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

There is a yellow knobby-thing (that’s the official name) that you attach to the PVC port in the rocket. Then you just screw on the water hose. SIMPLE!!

If in doubt, there is a tutorial video right on the website.

Once you attach the hose, all that’s left to do is crank up the water.

Now you get to have all the sprinkler fun you can handle!

What kid isn’t OBSESSED with all things water related?!?

This Inflatable Rocket Ship is the PERFECT edition to the growing “waterpark” that is in our backyard.

Now, this Inflatable Rocket Ship Sprinkler is posted at $39.99, but here’s a little secret for you — come in close so you can hear me.

Right now, there is a $20 coupon that you can “clip” before checkout, and that will bring the price down to $19.99!!

I’m not sure how long this sale is going to last, so go straight to the Amazon website and get your own Inflatable Rocket Ship Sprinkler!

p.s. Once you are done playing outside with this rocket, you can bring it indoors so the kids can pretend they are astronauts blasting off into space!

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