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Insomnia Cookies Is Selling Their Cookie Dough Online So You Can Do Late Night Baking At Home

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The best time to eat chocolate chip cookies is at night and everyone knows it.

Paired with a tall glass of milk, (hot or cold) and microwaving your cookies to the point of ooey gooey goodness, is the perfect midnight snack.


So if you’re a big fan of indulging in chocolate chip cookies like myself, there’s a company called Insomnia Cookies and they’re pretty popular.


They’re open late at night and they do you the favor of delivering warm cookies with multiple flavors to pick from.


The chain just recently started selling their famous cookie dough, which means you can bake the “halfway to homemade” kits at home.

The brand is selling their cookie dough online in two different sizes. There’s a 30 pack for $45 including one flavor of cookie dough, and a 60 pack for $75 that has two flavors.

Courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

The flavors are available in chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, sugar, double chocolate chunk, or classic with M&M’s.

Courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

The double chocolate chunk is calling my name and since I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting their famous cookies, ordering their dough is a good reason to start!

Now all I have to do is make sure I don’t over bake them…!


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