New Instant Pot Accessories You Must Have

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So, you’ve jumped on the bandwagon of owning the most glorious appliance around: The Instant Pot. Now, there are so many recipes that call for additional accessories, so here are some New Instant Pot Accessories You Simply Must Have.

Instant Pot Accessories

New Instant Pot Accessories You Must Have

You know when you make too much food and need to store it away but don’t want to dirty another bowl? This Instant Pot Silicone Lid is for you.

And forget burning your fingers over and over again when trying to remove the pot from your Instant Pot. These gripper clips are your burned finger savors.

It’s about time this double tiered egg steamer rack was made because I was getting tired of having to boil a thousand eggs at Easter that took hours!

Finally, a silicone steamer basket that has handles! Enjoy those steamed vegetables and never struggle removing them from your Instant Pot again!

While I’ve never burnt myself releasing the pressure from my Instant Pot, I’ve heard horror stories of people doing so. Now, with this steam diverter pressure release tool, those fears from burns are no more!

You most likely have thrown away, spilled on, or lost your Instant Pot booklet by now which is your total cheat sheet to cooking. Don’t worry, these Instant Pot quick reference guides can serve as your handy replacements.

Ever wish you could bake a cake, in a fun shape, in your Instant Pot? Yup, you can now with this 3-piece cake pan set.

If the look of the Instant Pot doesn’t fit your kitchen decor, this Instant Pot cover bag will help spruce it up a bit. The best part, there are different designs.

And of course, if for some reason you landed on this post just to check out what accessories there were for an Instant Pot but you don’t even own one, get yourself an Instant Pot now. It’s the kitchen gadget you never knew you needed!

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