You Can Get An Interactive Baby Yoda That Can Eat, Move And Play and It’s The Cutest Toy In The Galaxy

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It seems as if the Baby Yoda character from Star Wars continues to reinvent itself; from Squishmallows to hair scrunchies to dinnerware, Baby Yoda is a fan favorite character all around.

Courtesy of Hasbro

Considering all of the Baby Yoda merchandise you can find online, nothing beats the character himself in his true form. 

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Currently selling on Amazon, you can find a Baby Yoda toy that can eat, move and interact with you!

Courtesy of Amazon

Baby Yoda, aka the new Galactic Snackin’ Grogu from Hasbro stands just under ten inches tall and is an updated version of the seven inch Baby Yoda that feels more alive than lets say your matching kitchen set.

Courtesy of Amazon

The moving toy comes with four interactive accessories including a bowl with tentacles, a cookie, shifter knob, and a spoon.

Anytime you place each accessory in Baby Yoda’s green hands, you can count on the cute character from Star Wars to react with animations and different sound effects.

Courtesy of Amazon

The toy also comes with motorized movements that make the toy look alive with eyes that blink paired with a head, ears, and arms that move.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently preorder Baby Yoda on Amazon for $79.99 but until then, the official release isn’t until December 1st of this year which means this toy will be at the top of every wishlist addressed to Santa.

Courtesy of Amazon

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