iOS 15 Now Lets You Listen to Any Song With Rain In The Background. Here’s How.

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Apple has come a long way since the first square iPhone and now, the technology company has added an aesthetically pleasing feature with their new update.

Introducing iOS15; Apple now allows you to play music while also listening to the sounds of rain in the background. 

So if you’ve ever googled ‘rain noises’ to help you fall asleep or to help with studying, this is a great feature to use! 

Courtesy of Apple

More so than not, rain is often used to help with falling asleep or focusing on work, and even when you’re not listening to an eight hour long Youtube video called rain and thunder, we can all agree that rain just sets the mood.

To use, iPhone users must download the newest software from Apple, go to the accessibility tab under settings, press audio visual and turn on the background sounds. 

Courtesy of @kirstyclyne

From there, you can work the magic from the control center. 

Courtesy of @chefremyswag

You can also control how loud or how subtle you prefer the rain to be while listening to Taylor Swift or Julia Michaels.

Not to mention, there are two other white noises to choose from including a flowing stream and ocean waves to relax your muscles night or to focus while studying for the test tomorrow morning.

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