Is It Bad Etiquette To Put Personal Items In A Plane’s Overhead Bin?

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We all know how strict airlines can be when it comes to luggage.

And I think we can all agree that most of us have tried to get by with a bigger suitcase that we know was not carry-on size.

For most airlines, fliers can bring on one carry-on bag or suitcase and one personal item that can fit under the seat, both of which, must follow the airline’s sizing guidelines.

But a debate on TikTok has sparked a discussion about plane etiquette and what you should, and should not put in the plane’s overhead.

If you have yet to travel by plane, a plane’s overheard are compartments where carry-on bags and suitcases are stored.

Think of the plane’s overhead like the cubby holes in elementary school, expect with lids that close!

Now TikToker @dxnielbennett made a video explaining his opinion on what he thinks fliers should put in a plane’s overhead.

And per the video, @dxnielbennett believes that carry-on luggage should be the only item that gets put in the overhead, but personal items like a backpack or a purse should be tucked underneath the seat.

Courtesy of @dxnielbennett

@dxnielbennett continued to explain that personal items should not be stuffed in the overheard compartments because it can lead to other fliers having to check their carry-ons and wait for baggage claim after the flight.

Courtesy of @dxnielbennett

The viral video has totaled almost 6 thousand comments, which means this topic is clearly popular amongst fliers.

While many TikTokers agreed with @dxnielbennett, others noted that the exception to this “rule” should be if you’re only bringing one carry-on that is a personal item like a backpack.

“My backpack is usually my carry on luggage though”, one user wrote, while another commented, “I’m 6’3. I bring one bag. That one bag is going up.”

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