J.K. Rowling Is Now Allowing Teachers To Read ‘Harry Potter’ to Kids By Video

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Copyright permissions are a concern. You have to get permission and licenses etc to do certain things to avoid violating copyright laws. You’ll want to share this with your teacher friends!

Thankfully J.K. Rowling has granted an open license for teachers. This means they can record and post videos of themselves reading the stories to students.


Teachers can now post videos of themselves reading aloud from the Harry Potter books to children prevented from attending school because of the Covid-19 virus.

J.K. Rowling

Teachers can upload the videos of them reading the Harry Potter books on to secure networks run by the schools. This is allowed starting now until the end of the school year.

Delighted to help teachers reach kids at home by relaxing the usual license required to post videos of themselves reading Harry Potter books

J.K. Rowling

This also applies to teachers anywhere in the world! There are 7 books in the Harry Potter series, so that should cover some time! Full guidelines here.

The open license for teachers is the first of several initiatives being planned to help bring Harry Potter to children at home.

J.K. Rowling

Other publishers have also lifted copyright restrictions due to the coronavirus. With all of these kids having school shut down on them and teachers struggling to make this all work, this is AMAZING!

Audible has made hundreds of their audiobooks FREE for a limited time, and that is such a huge deal during this crazy time.


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