You Can Get Jelly Bean Scented Grass to Fluff Up Your Easter Baskets This Year

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As a kid, believing that there was a giant Easter bunny who left baskets filled with sweets every holiday sounds crazy now as an adult.

And one of the most memorable moments you may have had during the Easter holiday was how colorful the baskets were every year!

But it wasn’t just the candy and the neon flip flops that made Easter baskets bright, but also the thin pieces of what’s called “Easter grass” that lined at the bottom of each basket!

Courtesy of @NuVintique

What’s dubbed the new Jelly Bean Scented Grass, this colorful grass is unlike the plastic strips you’re used to fluffing up Easter baskets with.

Courtesy of @NuVintique

Jelly bean scented Easter grass now exists which means you can currently stuff your Easter baskets not only with chocolates and candy, but grass that smells exactly like jelly beans!

Courtesy of @NuVintique

Not to mention this Easter grass also comes in several different colors just like the jelly bean candy including blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow.

Courtesy of @NuVintique

So while your filling baskets to the brim for the holiday, do keep in mind that this sweet smelling grass is not edible, even if it does smell exactly like candy.

Courtesy of @NuVintique

You can currently find the jelly bean scented Easter grass on Etsy for less than $2 a pack this Easter.

Courtesy of @NuVintique

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