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This Food Artist Created Jelly Cakes To Look Like Nature And It’s Far Too Beautiful To Eat

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I LOVE food art. The only problem is that sometimes, when it comes down to actually eating it, it’s hard to ruin that art!

Siew Heng Boon, the creator of Jelly Alchemy, has truly mastered the craft of making art in the form of food. These jelly cakes are fully edible and look like beautiful pieces of art. I love it!

These 3D jelly cakes don’t even look like food. To me, they could easily be resin art. But no, these are cakes for people to eat. And I would NOT want to be the one to cut into it.

These jelly cakes can take her up to 4 hours to create, and and are created upside down!

My favorite from the ones I looked at is definitely the teapot cake. Imagine hosting a tea party with one of these!

You can view all of her amazing work on her Instagram! There are hundreds of different cakes to look at!

Do you think you could cut into one of these masterpieces and eat it up? Let us know in the comments!

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