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Jet-Puffed Has Marshmallow Bites That Are Covered In Chocolate And I Call Dibs On The Coconut

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Jet-Puffed just made my summer better! They’ve created a new product that I can not wait to try!


The new Jett-Puffed Marshmallow Bites come in two amazing flavors! S’mores and Coconut!

There is nothing I love more than chocolate and coconut paired together! Like, that is totally my everything flavor!

Also, if you are wanting the taste of s’mores without all of the hassles, well you’re covered! Kraft’s Jet-puffed has captured the flavor and made it into one tasty treat!

kraftjetpuffed – Instagram

The s’mores flavor of the new Marshmallow Bites starts with a square-shaped marshmallow. It’s then covered in chocolate and topped with graham cracker crumbs!

Just grab a handful and pop them one by one! No work, but all of the taste of s’mores!

The coconut flavor also starts with a square-shaped marshmallow that is also covered in chocolate. Then they top that with what I can only assume is toasted coconut!


I can not wait to try them and I need them ASAP! There isn’t very much information available other than what I have written here.

So far they have been spotted at Meijer’s in 4-ounce bags that are priced at $3.99. Be sure to watch the snack aisles at your local grocery stores!


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