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Jewelry Box Organizer Hack

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My jewelry is always a mess! When I’ve finally gotten a shower and am ready to accessorize, it seems like then i have to spend about 45 minutes untangling stuff. I mean, there has to be a better way right?

Feature Jewelry Box Organizer Hack

Enter the Jewelry Box Organizer Hack! In just a few minutes with a box and some thumbtacks, you can Hack your way into jewelry organizing heaven. Okay, maybe it won’t be heaven but you will be more organized!

Watch this super short video and see how to pull off the Jewelry Box Organizer Hack!

To get started with this Jewelry Box Organizer Hack you will need:

  • thumbtacks
  • an empty box with a lid
  • jewelry

Here’s how to Jewelry Box Organizer Hack your way to less stress:

1. Open up a box with a removable lid and prop the lid up on the inside of the box.

2. Press thumbtacks into the back of the propped up lid to form hangers for your jewelry.

Jewelry Box Organizer Hack

3. Hang the jewelry on the thumbtacks and you are all set!

Jewelry Box Organizer Hack

See how organized everything looks! Inexpensive and easy! Boom! How can you beat that hack?

Jewelry Box Organizer Hack

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