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Kool-Aid Juice Drink Slushes Are Super Delicious

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We love Kool-Aid juice drinks in the summer at our house. We spend pretty much all day long by the pool, so we always have Kool-Aid on hand.  Now that Kool-Aid has a Ready-To-Drink 96oz Kool-Aid bottle, it makes it so much easier to serve it up to our pool guests!

Doesn’t Kool-Aid just scream summer? To me it’s just a part of sitting out by the pool, chilling with everyone and sipping yummy drinks. It’s perfect for BBQ, swimming, whathaveyou. It goes awesome with EVERYTHING.

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You can even put the Ready-To-Drink Kool-Aid in your ice cream maker for an almost instant summer slush! It tastes fantastic, cools you off by the pool, and is totally easy to make. We love Kool-Aid slushes at our house! Seriously, making Kool-Aid slushes is a one ingredient process. Do you know of any other slushes that only take one ingredient? I didn’t think so! It’s so simple you won’t even miss any pool time!

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To make a Kool-Aid slush, all you need is your Kool-Aid Ready-To-Drink bottle and an ice cream maker. Pour your Kool-Aid into the ice cream maker. (I usually fill mine about halfway and that’s enough for two or three slushes.)

pouring kool aid ad cbias shop

Turn on your ice cream maker and wait. It takes about 10-15 minutes (depending on your machine) for the Kool-Aid to get slushy.

frozen slushes kool aid ad cbias shop

This part is totally up to you. If you want it more solid, leave it in the ice cream maker longer, but if you want it to be a little more liquid, then you can pull it out sooner. Oh, man that looks SO GOOD! I usually just scoop it out of the ice cream maker with a large spoon into a fancy glass and add a cute straw. (Cute straws really are the very best way to make drinks better, don’t you think?)

And how does it taste?


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  1. Trying it now but definitely doesn’t seem like it will work! We shall see!

  2. You had me at Kool-Aid then you got me again at one-ingredient! I always forget to USE my ice cream maker! #Client