Move Over Peppermint, Juicy Drop Now Has Sour Gummy Candy Canes to Make Your Lips Pucker 

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Peppermint candy canes are a holiday season staple sweet treat, and while the stripped red and white curved canes will always be a fan favorite for the holidays, gummy candy canes are the next sweet treat to dip in your hot chocolate.

Okay, maybe gummy candy canes are not the next sweet treat to dip in a steaming hot cup of cocoa, but who says they can’t be stuffed in stocking stuffers?

Courtesy of @snackscavenger

Introducing Juicy Fruit’s soft gummy candy canes with sour gel.

Packaged with two different colored candy canes featuring Watermelon Blast and Blue Rebel sour gel flavors for dipping purposes only, each candy cane will leave your lips puckered instead of a minty aftertaste.

Dressed in a bright package to catch the eye stocked on store shelves, you can find Juicy Fruit’s sour gummy candy canes at Walmart for less than five dollars.

Courtesy of @jerseysnackbros

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