Kellogg’s Just Released Boozy Eggnog That Tastes Like a Fluffy Stack of Eggo Waffles

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Considering eggnog is typically made with breakfast foods (eggs), Kellogg’s has decided to create their own recipe of the classic Christmas drink being in the breakfast field and all.

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Dominating the breakfast business, Kellogg’s Eggo waffles are a common breakfast favorite stacked high come morning and now, a meal that’s usually geared towards kids has turned 21 and up.

Dubbed Eggo Nog, Kellogg’s Eggo and Sugarlands Distilling Company have teamed up to create an alcoholic eggnog for the holidays!

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Inspired by thick and fluffy Eggo waffles, this eggnog liqueur is unlike any other eggnog beverage you’ve sipped on during the holiday season.

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The Eggo Nog Sippin’ Cream combines Eggo Nog’s churned cream, rum, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavors that will make you feel toasty even during the harshest winter days.

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So don’t be a Grinch, and take a sip for yourself, it might just remind you of the breakfast you once had every morning as a kid!

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You can find the Eggo Nog coming to store shelves soon and on Sugarlands Distilling Company’s website here, for a limited time only!

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And don’t forget your stack of waffles on the side.

Courtesy of sugarlands.com

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