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KFC Is Bringing Back Their Double Down Sandwich That Has No Buns and All Meat

If you’ve ever been the one to ask for more meat on your sandwich, KFC has the sandwich for you.

Courtesy of @maximmortal

What’s dubbed their Double Down sandwich, KFC is taking all the risk for one sandwich that is peculiar than the rest, and for one crunchy reason.

Courtesy of @maximmortal

Enter: The sandwich with no buns and all the meat.

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That’s right, a bun-less sandwich that replaces the bread with two crunchy chicken fillets and stuffs bacon, sauce, and cheese in the middle, this sandwich is for those who like extra meat!

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But can you really call this sandwich a “sandwich” when it has no buns to begin with?

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And since there are no buns to this meal, be prepared to lick the sauce that will most likely drip down onto your fingers since there is no bread to soak it up in the first place, #fingerlickin’good.

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And while we may never know the answer to whether or not this sandwich is really a sandwich, we do know one thing.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

What was once a fan-favorite “sandwich” is now officially coming back to menus nationwide early next month in March!

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