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KFC Is Opening A Pop-Up Chicken Themed Hotel And Of Course It Includes Free KFC Chicken

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KFC is opening up a chicken themed pop-up hotel, and it sounds absolutely delicious — er’ — decadent.


You can book a one-night stay during this pop-up event, and if you are a huge fan of those 11 herbs and spices, you are about to flip your lid.

First of all, they are dubbing this event a Staycation Escapism Experience — and it really is!


Just check out the features of your one-night stay.

They will begin your experience by picking you up in the “Colonelmobile” — which sounds like you’ll be riding in the equivalent of a chicken-themed Weinermobile — but this Colonelmobile is actually a gorgeous Black Cadillac!

When you arrive at the hotel, you will have your very own concierge — a “Chick-In’ Clerk” — whose sole job in life is to make sure that you feel like you’re a descendant of the Colonel’s himself, living in luxury and sitting high on chicken fortunes.


Once escorted to number 11, indulge in the complimentary botanical infused self-care essentials, or catch one of the chick-flicks playing in the cinema room. Expect to see drumsticks in the detail, from bedding to wallpaper to an Arcade Machine and towel – fried chicken will never be far from your thoughts. 

KFC Press Release

Now, you’re bound to get hungry during your stay in chicken covered luxury.

Never Fear! They wouldn’t plop you down in the middle of a chicken-themed hotel room and not make sure you get your fill of those 11 herbs and spices.

During your stay in this paradise of poultry, anytime you feel the urge to indulge, they have a magic button. One press of this button will alert the chicken concierge, and you will get a succulent chicken treat!


This stay sounds hella expensive, doesn’t it. But, check this out, your one-night stay at this chicken pop-up event is only $154 (£111)!!

100% of proceeds going to The KFC Foundation, supporting grassroots organisations across the country who are empowering young people to unleash their potential and build a positive future. 

KFC Press Release
KFC Foundation

This event can ONLY be purchased through Hotels.com, and the event only lasts for 11 nights between the 18th and 29th of August.

Now, here’s the only caveat — “catch” if you will. You might have to get your passport ready.

This pop-up event is happening exclusively in Shoreditch, London.

But, seriously, a trip to London AND all the chicken I could ever handle? YES, PLEASE!!

You can check out the deets HERE.

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