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Move Over McDonald’s, KFC Just Released Their Own Version of McDonald’s Snack Wraps

If McDonald’s wont bring back the snack wraps, KFC will.

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The finger lickin’ good chain has recently debuted what might just be their biggest release yet considering the fast food joint has just brought back a popular item that McDonald’s has yet to return to menus.

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What’s dubbed their chicken wraps, the new menu item from KFC was inspired from the fan-favorite snack wrap over at the golden arches.

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And the difference?

While the two are similar, KFC’s chicken wraps feature a few more ingredients and come in two different versions that include a spicy selection and just the classic.

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For those without the spicy tongue, KFC’s Classic Chicken Wrap stuffs an extra crispy chicken tender (emphasizes on extra), sliced pickles, and mayo all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla.

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The second option, which features the choice with more heat dubbed the Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap includes another crispy chicken tender, pickles, but adds coleslaw and a spicy sauce.

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The chicken wraps are available at KFC chains nationwide now and you can even snag two for just $5 currently!

Courtesy of @eesas.appetite

So which is better, KFC’s chicken wraps or McDonald’s snack wraps, let us know in the comments below!

Courtesy of @KFC and @galesburgfoodies