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Kim Kardashian Asked An Italian Waiter What Tortellini Was And The Internet Can’t Handle It

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Kim Kardashian was recently on a trip to Italy for a fashion week visit to Milan, and of course her “celebrity” came out for all to see.

The internet is losing their minds over Kim asking an Italian waiter about a very common pasta dish.


I mean, I just bought this very ordinary pasta at the Walmart grocery store 2 days ago. It’s not like it’s rare and obscure.

So, what pasta dish did she ask about?

Tortellini. She asked what tortellini was.

That’s right, those little packets of pasta that hold meat and cheese.

The server was very patient with her — he kind of had to be. There were cameras in his face.

He told her that the very common pasta is a bit like ravioli.

Now, I won’t say she turned up her nose, but she pointed at another dish on the menu — a spaghetti and basil dish — and said, “Maybe I’ll get that.”

But, y’all. Just wait until you hear what she asked next. *Eye Roll Emoji*

Do you have any that’s not spaghetti? — Maybe like a penne or anything else?

Kim Kardashian

As you can imagine, the internet had just a little to say about it.

This is almost as bad as that time when Kendall Jenner tried to cut a cucumber on television.


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