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Kim Kardashian Is Giving Us All The Feels In A Birthday Tribute To Her Dad

Kim K. is going through SO much right now in her personal life.

We all know that she has filed for divorce from Kanye West, and that’s so tough ANY time, but to do it so publicly has to be incredibly difficult.

As a result, she has been painstakingly quiet on Instagram — which is SO unusual for her.

But, she finally broke her Instagram radio silence by posting a Happy Birthday Tribute to her dad, who passed away in 2003.

Kim Kardashian

Kim posted a sweet throw-back photo of her dad posing with her siblings, and it is simple retro sweetness.

In her caption on the Instagram photo, she also got pretty sentimental, and it gives us all the feels.

Happy Birthday Dad! I celebrate you every single day but today even more. So much to tell you! I called your cell phone number just wondering if anyone would pick up after all these years. I actually can’t believe I remembered it.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Please come visit me in a dream soon. ?? Also can you pretty please send down a sign in the form of those symbols/birds we always talked about?!?! I just miss you sooooo much!

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Pretty sweet, huh? It’s so rare we get such a special glimpse into the behind-the-scenes life of a celebrity.

But, Kim is just like us. She grieves over the loss of her father, and that is something that too many of us can understand.

She may be going through it right now, but her dad is always with her and close to her heart and mind.