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Kit Kat Is Coming Out With A New Churro Flavor And OMG It Looks Delicious

Kit Kat is one of my favorite candy bars. What’s not to like there? Chocolate, wafer cookies, tons of flavor.

And, I love it when Kit Kat comes out with fun new flavors!

Did you try the Blueberry Muffin Kit Kat flavor? OMG. YUM!!!


Now, Kit Kat is coming out with a flavor that I know I’m going to absolutely love. If I’m honest, this flavor is my guilty pleasure — I get one every time I go to Costco.

What am I talking about? CHURRO!!

Kit Kat is going to bring us their signature wafer cookies with a churro cream filling.

I can’t even. This is going to be amazing!!

These candy bars are going to be a limited edition Kit Kat flavor, so you are going to want to scoop them up as soon as you see them!

I know for a fact that these Churro Kit Kat bars are going to be available at Walmart, but am not sure where else you will be able to find them. I’m guessing you can find them wherever you normally buy your tasty candy bars.