Kit Kat Mini Ice Cream Bars Are Coming And I Can’t Wait

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Oh, Fudge! These could be deliciously dangerous, and I need them now.

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New Kit Kat Minis are coming to grocery stores — and they are MINI ICE CREAM BARS! I’m not even joking.

These BITE SIZE Ice Cream Kit Kat Bars are made from a frozen dairy dessert — or, you know, ice cream — wafers, and FUDGE — Yum! And, they are totally poppable. I’m in trouble here.

Courtesy of CandyHunting on Instagram

You might be saying, “But, there are already Kit Kat Ice Cream Bars in this world.” Yes, you would be correct, but they also aren’t the poppable mini variety!

These Mini Kit Kat Ice Cream Bars are supposed to come to a grocery store near you soon, and I can’t wait!

Courtesy of CandyHunting on Instagram

There’s not a much better flavor than chocolate and ice cream together. Add in the crunchy wafers of a Kit Kat Bar, and you are close to heaven. AMIRITE?!?

You are OBVIOUSLY a fan of ice cream, like me, so you NEED to take a look at these Klondike Donut Ice Cream Bars! I totally need the Boston Cream flavor!

Courtesy of Tamisclock on Instagram

You should totally check out THIS gem! Ben & Jerry’s has a Netflix Themed Ice Cream, and it totally brings the peanut butter and brownies!

TWIX also has these incredible Cookies & Creme Ice Cream Bars. They are so freaking delicious! You need to try them!

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