KitKat’s New Candy Bar Tastes Exactly Like a Chocolate Covered Strawberry

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KitKat’s new chocolate crunchy candy bar is inspired by a classic Valentine’s day dessert made for two.

A more colorful bar versus their o.g., KitKat’s new duo sweet treat combines two new flavors with every bite.

Courtesy of Hershey’s

Introducing the new strawberry and dark chocolate KitKat bar!

Courtesy of @candyhunting

Made to be devoured on the day of love, this new candy bar takes inspiration from a plate full of chocolate covered strawberries.

Courtesy of @jimmyrager

Colored pink on top as soon as you peel off the wrapper, this KatKat wafer is stuffed between strawberry-flavored creme with a rich dark chocolate coating on the bottom.

Split, shared or keep to yourself, just make sure to lick the strawberry creme off your fingers when you’re done considering it’s always hot inside on cupid’s day.

Courtesy of @crazykitkatlady

You can find the Valentine’s day themed candy bar out now, at retail and grocery stores just in time for your romantic dinner for two.

Courtesy of @sweetstuffmn

Just look for the pink packaging in the snack aisle, and make sure to grab an extra for that special someone.

Courtesy of @tmc_reviews

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