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This Knitting Machine Is The Most Genius Way To Get Your Knitted Projects Done Faster

Do you enjoy knitting? Or maybe you are like me and want to begin to learn how to knit but aren’t sure where to start? Say no more!


You can get a knitting machine that helps you get those projects done easier and faster!

I have to admit, I can’t take credit for this cool find. TikTok user @kaytedid86 showed off this brilliant contraption while making her famous rainbow knitted beanies.

Kaytedid86 TikTok

I actually found the exact knitting machine she uses on Amazon here. According to the description, you “just screw the yarn into the spindle and turn the crank to knit your own masterpiece”. Sounds easy enough, right?

Kaytedid86 TikTok

As you can see above, Kaytedid86 actually used a drill to help make it go faster and ya know, make your arm hurt less. Genius!!


Only LOVE but when @hookedupcrochet name is KAREN.. I had to! Let’s see the duet! 🤪 #KayteDids #tiktokfriends #craftersoftiktok #momsoftiktok #yarn

♬ TO THE POINT KAREN – Gabriela Vela 🌻

The best part is, this Sentro Knitting Machine is just $90 on Amazon and it can make all sorts of fun projects in just minutes!

Oh, and in case you are going to say something, no this isn’t cheating. It’s a genius way for beginners to know how to knit or to even help those that are making gifts get things done fast. I bet my grandma would love it since her she has bad shoulders and arms!

It’d make the perfect gift if you ask me!

You can grab your Sentro Knitting Machine right here on Amazon. Hurry because there is only a month left until Christmas so get to making those knitted gifts!!


…this is why my back hurts 🤔😆 #KayteDids

♬ Drip Like ME – Kenndog

You can check it out in action in the video below!

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