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You Can Get Kool-Aid Syrups That Make The Best Snow Cones At Home

Snow cones are one of my favorite summer treats, actually, that’s a lie… it isn’t just a summer treat for me.

I will eat snow cones all year round, I even bought myself a shaved ice machine a few years back.

I mean there are little snow cone shacks and trailers up and down every main road around me, but that stuff can add up and get pretty pricey.

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So for us, making snow cones at home is the best option and all you need is a machine to shave your ice and some yummy snow cone syrups!

It’s already getting hot here in Texas and I feel like it’s going to be a super hot summer this year.


Kool-Aid makes snow cone syrups and you can bring some fruity flavors from your childhood to your snow cones.


Just add freshly shaved ice to a snow cone cup and pair with your favorite snow cone syrup for a delightfully icy treat. Mix and match flavors for even more fun!

Product Description

You Can Mix The Flavors Too!

The Kool-Aid snow cone syrups come in cherry, blue raspberry, tropical punch, and grape flavors.

I’m calling dibs on grape right now, I’m planning on making some purplesaurus rex snow cones which is just grape Kool-aid and lemon together.


You can use them at home with a slush maker, ice shaver, or snow maker.

Some people only pull these machines out for get-togethers or parties.

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At my house, the shaved iced machine is out on the counter nearly every day.

The snow cone syrups come in 16-ounce bottles that have an easy to pour from lids.


You can get about 8 snow cones from each bottle, depending on how much syrup you use.

You can pick up the Kool-Aid snow cone syrups from Walmart for just $2.98 a bottle!


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