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You Can Get A Koozie For Your Half-Gallon Of Blue Bell Ice Cream

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Yeah, I thought it was an April Fools joke, too.

But, it’s seriously a real thing!

You can actually get a Blue Bell “Koolie” for your ice cream carton, because why WOULDN’T you want one?!?

Blue Bell

We have all seen — and probably have about 12 — koozies in our kitchen.

You know, it’s that neoprene sleeve that goes over your canned drinks to keep them cold.

We use the heck out of them during the summer months by the pool at my house.

In fact, we keep a basket full of koozies on the counter for just such times.

This Blue Bell “Koolie” is exactly the same idea, but it is for your half-gallon tub of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Not only is it a koozie for your half-gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream, but it has a “sleeve” on the bottom to make it super easy to carry.

Blue Bell

Keep your half gallon of ice cream cold with a Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream carton koolie!

Blue Bell Ice Cream

I know, you’re thinking, “Come on!! Don’t buy into the April Fools joke!!”

But, I promise. This Blue Bell Koolie is an actual, factual, real thing.

Check it out. Just to make sure I wasn’t being “taken for a ride,” I bought one. LOL!!

The Blue Bell website let me add it to my cart, and check out. Bada-bing, Bada-boom!

Blue Bell

These Koolies look just like a carton of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla half-gallon tub of ice cream.

That just happens to be the BEST flavor of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Prove me wrong.


The Blue Bell Koolies run nineteen bucks, and you can use it over and over again on your favorite half-gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

To get your own Blue Bell Koolie for your half-gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream, head on over to the Blue Bell website.

Blue Bell

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