Krispy Kreme Mini Strawberry Donuts Are Here And I Need A Bag

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OMG!! I love this time of year! Strawberry season is simply the best.

Krispy Kreme has taken full advantage of this season, channeling the sweetness of this delicious red berry, to bring us STRAWBERRY CRULLERS.

Have y’all tried Krispy Kreme crullers? Gah! They are simply too good. They are a true delicacy that my children BEG for everytime we go to the grocery store.

Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

It is on special occasions that I grab a bag of Krispy Kreme crullers from the Walmarts, and surprise my kids. I’m always a hero when I pull out that white Krispy Kreme bag full of sweet doughnutty heaven!

The kids aren’t the ONLY ones who are going to be so excited about these new, limited edition crullers! I’m going to have to sneak a doughnut — or three — out of the bag, myself. LOL!

These doughnuts are here for a limited time, so when you see them, GET THEM. Don’t live with regret. Ha!

I have seen these at my local Walmart, but check your favorite grocery store. They should be wherever you normally get your Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

If you know a GRADUATE — either High School or College — get yourself to a Krispy Kreme store before May 24th. You can get them a special dozen of Krispy Kreme Graduate Doughnuts! These are ONLY available at Krispy Kreme locations.

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