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Move Over Starbucks, Kroger Has A New Ice Cream Stuffed With Cake Pop Pieces You’ll Want To Eat By The Spoonfuls

Kroger sure does have some tasty ice cream, I’m talking about their store brand… so good!


The limited-edition Lemon Cheesecake ice cream is currently high on my list of favorites, but now… now there is another new flavor and I have to try it!


Now they’ve added a cake pop inspired ice cream to the lineup and it sounds amazing!

The Deluxe Cake Pop Ice Cream starts with a sweet cream ice cream and then they mix in pieces of white cake, candy bits that are pink, and swirls of sweet frosting.

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It’s basically like taking some yummy cake pops, crushing them up, and eating them with the creamiest ice cream.

Sounds like perfection to me…

My oldest daughter used to make cake pops when she still lived at home and they were so good, but honestly a little too much work for me to make.


This takes out the work and gives you all of the flavors, so it’s right up my alley!


Like the Lemon Cheesecake ice cream, the cake pop ice cream is also a limited edition.

Kroger has the Deluxe Cake Pop Ice Cream listed on its website for only $2.79 for a 48-ounce container, I need to go some now!

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