Life Can Always Be Better Than Just ‘Okay’

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It always makes me feel sad when someone responds to me with, “My life is okay.” I think to myself, “Just, okay?” Maybe they have just faced a life-changing event that has emotionally  hurt them and “okay” is better than the pain they initially felt when it occurred. It’s a step for sure, but it should never be the final goal in the healing process. Life can always be better than just, “Okay.”

Life Can Always Be Better Than Just ‘Okay’

I was told recently, “I don’t think it will ever be okay.” Some people may have responded with, “Sure it will, it will be okay.” My response was different. My response was, “No, it won’t be okay” and here’s why I feel that way… When bad things happen, that pain will never completely go away. There will be times in the future that you will come face to face with that very same pain, a reminder, a trigger…and you will feel it over again. But life always has the potential to be wonderful again despite the miserable parts we all must go through, because ultimately it’s our choice to make it that way. We go through the grieving process and trudge on. It hurts, it’s hard, but we go on and we focus on the great things in our life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t revisit that pain, and at that moment that you do, you won’t feel, okay…even though there are so many wonderful things in our life that are far better than just, okay. We feel the pain, acknowledge it, and move forward focusing on the good things in our lives.

I lost my Grandmother six years ago in February. My Grandma and I were very close and she was always so supportive of me that is was a huge loss in my life when she was just gone. The pain was so horrible, I really wondered how my life would ever be the same again. The truth is, it isn’t the same and it hasn’t been ever since that day…but that doesn’t mean that my life isn’t wonderful. Every Halloween since I was a child, I dressed up and trick-or-treated at Grandma’s house. Every Halloween since she’s been gone, I’ve revisited that pain of not having her and I don’t feel okay. I know my Grandma would be proud of me and the life I’m living, focusing on good and positive things. Being happy…she’d want me to always be happy. So, in the moments that I am sad, I cry and think about her, but then I think about everything in my life that she would would enjoy watching from where I was as child and how far I’ve come. I know she sees me and I know she’s smiling.

Life is such a short and uncertain thing that we have to enjoy every moment. When hit with the tragedies, we grieve and then we focus once again on the things that bring joy. So many little miracles each day that we may not notice, or overlook because we feel we are drowning in our sorrow. Look up and recognize that the circle of life continues on. We’re all a part of this big, gigantic place and we each have a mark to leave, we’re here for a purpose to leave a mark worth remembering in future generations. There truly isn’t anything that we can’t overcome if we set out minds to it. The power of the mind is amazing, but the strength of the heart is undeniable.

Life will ALWAYS be better than ‘okay’ if we consciously focus and enjoy the great things in our lives.

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  1. As a Mom, Gramma, Great Gramma I have had my share of losses and this article is spot on. We have our grieving moments, deal with them and then count our blessings and move on. Wonderfully written!

  2. This article hit home for me, but in the same token it reminded me that grief does pop up occasionally and it is up to each of us to grieve and then push forward. Excellent article.