This Life-Preserver Instantly Inflates When You Throw It In The Water and We All Need One

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Anyone else have a fear of drowning? Because that’s one of my biggest fears. And now that I have kids, every time they get in the water, the fear comes back. That’s why, when I saw this portable, throwable life-preserver, I knew I needed one for my family.


Yes, there are already life-preservers in the world. But they are big, bulky, can’t be taken on a family trip, or even be thrown very far. This can be purchased by anyone, and it’s portable, making it easy to take on any trip!


The OneUp is a tiny throwable life-preserver that expands, inflates, and opens up upon contact with the water. With these capabilities, you can throw it far into the water, in the direction of the person in need. How cool is that?


The OneUp uses a sensor that’s used in aeronautical and naval security that will automatically deploy once it detects a certain amount of water. It uses a salt pod that, once dissolved, releases a spring to activate the opening of a CO2 container which then inflates the inter-tube. And all of this happens within two seconds!


This is also completely reusable! So even though the cost is a little high at $199, to have it on hand to safe a life AND for it to be reusable seems to make it even more worth it! All you will have to do is roll it back up into the container, and replace the salt pod and CO2 container.


The OneUp is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to take during travel. It also makes it incredibly easy to throw at long distances, even for kids! Teaching your kids about water safety with this will make your whole family feel more at ease.


The OneUp life-preserver is about 20x smaller than most standard life-preservers (before inflation), is portable, and can be used in practically any situation around water. It weighs just 0.8 lbs, and is perfect for boat outings, fishing trips, days at the pool, vacations, water sports, and so much more.


Now that I know such a thing exists, I need it in my life. You can never be too careful in the water, especially when you have kids.

Knowing I had one of these on me for any emergency situations would just give me such peace of mind and put me a little more at ease. You can buy yours now here.


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