You Can Get A Light-Up Bean Bag Pool Float and I Need One For Late Night Swimming

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There is nothing better than hanging out in the pool at night. I have always loved the late-night swims. Last night I ordered my youngest daughter a cool avocado pool float.


But what if you could get a pool float that was perfect for evenings and night time? Guess what? You can!


You can get a light up bean bag pool float! How freaking cool is that? Look how comfortable it looks!


This float is called the Frontgate Glow Float! It lights up in 12 fixed colors and three colors (red, green, and blue) for flash mode!

It even has an included remote control and air pump! Pumping things up is not my thing! So anything to make it easier is cool to me!


It is made from 100 percent PVC molded plastic. This makes it extremely durable. it measures 45″L x 47″W x 26-1/2″H and weighs about 6lbs.

You can get your own Glow Float from Frontgate! They also happen to be on sale right now!

Check it out in the video below! What do you think? It looks so relaxing!

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