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People Are Making Lighted Christmas Balls Out of Chicken Wire For The Holidays and They Look So Festive

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The holidays are all about how much of your front yard you can illuminate at once and how many string lights you can attach to the house.

With that being said, people are making chicken wire Christmas balls that are literally, bundles of joy.

Courtesy of @jenn_farrow823

Thanks to Crafty Morning who created the DIY project, you can now make homemade large or small chicken wire balls decorated in Christmas lights to hang on trees, to cover the front porch with or to simply sit pretty on the front lawn.

Courtesy of @rygblog

With just ten steps, a few handy tools and packets of chicken wire, prepare to light up the front lawn even more so than last year!

Courtesy of @snaphappynana

These chicken wire Christmas balls sit pretty on the front lawn with a of blanket snow, but look even better hanging from a tree acting as large ornaments!

Courtesy of @snaphappynana

Dress them in multicolored lights or wrap around with a soft hue of golden white lights, chicken wire Christmas balls are the definition of go big, or go home!

Christmas Lights Etc

You can check out step by step instructions online here!

Courtesy of @rygblog

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