Little Caesars New Hybrid Pizza Is Half Pizza and Half Cheese Sticks and It’s Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

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I have been living off Little Caesars pizza since I was a wee lass. Does anyone remember back in the day when they ONLY had square pizzas? *Hand In The Air*

I was giddy when they came out with the Hot-N-Ready $5 pizza. Heck, yeah! I’ll take one pepperoni, one cheese, and an order of crazy bread — DINNER DONE!

Courtesy of Little Caesars

Now, Little Caesars is testing something new, and I just might love it.

It’s a pepperoni pizza, but they have turned HALF of the pie into Little Caesars Cheese Stix. They have dubbed this hybrid pizza / cheese stick combo, Slices-n-Stix.

You get four pieces of pepperoni pizza, eight pieces of Little Caesars Cheese Stix, and a side of Crazy Sauce. I could drink that stuff!

The BAD news — because there is ALWAY bad news — this Slices-n-Stix pizza pie is only being tested in certain locations. They aren’t available nationwide as of yet.

Courtesy of Little Caesars

We know these pizza pies have been spotted in Florence, Dillon and Conway, SC, in Tulsa, OK, and in Lumberton, NC, and are only $6. It looks like I may have to rob the piggy bank, and make a road trip.

Courtesy of Little Caesars

I certainly hope these are going to test well! You KNOW they will. Hopefully we see these nationwide very soon!

Courtesy of Little Caesars

Now the REAL question — To dunk, or not to dunk? Will you dunk this Slices-n-Stix combo in Ranch Dressing? OMG — a Ranch Dressing / Crazy Sauce combo is soooo good!

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