Little Debbie’s Famous Nutty Buddy Wafers Have Been Turned Into Crunchy Ice Cream Bars

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As a kid, running for the ice cream truck was a competition to see who could get there the fastest.

And while there were always a ton of flavors to choose from, we couldn’t help but to always choose our favorite flavor of ice cream, whether that was the SpongeBob character or a chocolate cone.

There was just something about unwrapping your favorite ice cream flavor after running around the park all day with the neighborhood kids.

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Similarly, Little Debbie has chosen one of their fan-favorite snacks from their crowd of sweet tooth naggers and has turned their Nutty Buddy wafers into something cold to beat the heat!

And thanks to Hudsonville Ice Cream for helping make the ice cream bar, the crunchy dessert has been officially added to the list of sweet treats to grab from the grocery store.

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The new ice cream bars that should taste exactly like the wafers it was inspired from, the sweet treats are covered in a crisp chocolate shell, stuffed with peanut butter ice cream, and coated with crunchy pieces.

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Drooling yet?

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You can currently find the Nutty Buddy sweet treats at Walmart and whether you plan on sharing with friends or family, we wouldn’t judge incase you don’t.

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