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You Can Get A Llama Pool Float And I Have To Have It Now

Can you ever really have too many pool floats? I think not…


You can get a llama piñata float and I think I need to add it to our collection for lake time fun.

Not only is he super unique and will stand out in a crowd, but he is also super cute!


He (or she, depending on your preference) measures 42.1 inches by 37.8 inches.

Gifted to my sister for her Llama themed birthday get-away and she loved it! She’s probably 120 lbs and other people that were nearly 200lbs took it for a spin around the pool too and it stayed inflated the whole time. Cant wait until summer so we can blow it up again!

Rafi Ahmed – Amazon reviewer

This bad boy can hold up to 400 pounds of body weight, so pile on with a kid or two!

It’s made with a premium polyvinyl chloride for a more durable pool float.


You can inflate him in pretty quickly with an air pump or small air compressor.


This llama (Leon they named him) was the hit of our vacation and the source of many tears when we had to leave him behind. He withstood 4 elementary age kids jumping and climbing all over him – sometimes all at once. He packed easily into our suitcase (deflated of course) and we inflated ourselves with no pump once we arrived. Of course, once inflated, there was no returning to the suitcase – hence the tears for having to abandon him at the pool.

Elyt – Amazon reviewer

You can order your own festive Llama Piñata float on Amazon, I can’t wait to use mine!


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