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How To Order A Loaded Breakfast Bowl Off The McDonald’s Secret Menu

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Did you know that it’s totally possible to get a Loaded Breakfast Bowl off the McDonald’s Secret Menu, and it’s totally the bomb!!

There is just something about the promise of a McDonald’s breakfast that will make me spring out of bed on a Saturday morning, and have me trying to beat the clock. You know the clock — the one that counts down to the end of the McDonald’s breakfast. I hate that clock.

I’m not necessarily a fan of McDonald’s all day long, but there is just something about their breakfast menu — Gah!! I love it.

Even more than the items that are on the drive thru menu board, I love the items off the McDonald’s Secret Menu even more!

If you haven’t tried the McDonald’s Loaded Breakfast Burrito or the Sweet and Savory Sausage McMuffin, might I suggest you grab your keys and head on out. You aren’t living your best life if you haven’t tried the Sweet and Savory Sausage McMuffin!!

Get ready, because they have another breakfast item on the McDonald’s Secret Menu, and OMG it is ah-mazing!!

It is called the Loaded Breakfast Bowl, and you HAVE to check it out!

What Is The Loaded Breakfast Bowl Off The McDonald’s Secret Menu?

To say that the Loaded Breakfast Bowl is the perfect breakfast might just be an understatement.

It’s comfort food at its finest, and MY GOSH, it’s good!!

This Loaded Breakfast Bowl consists of eggs, cheese, sausage, hash browns, and gravy — and it’s all put together into a gigantic stack of breakfast perfection.

Is it possible to get suck a yummy creation at McDonald’s? YES, friend!

How Do You Order A Loaded Breakfast Bowl Off The McDonald’s Secret Menu?

This Loaded Breakfast Bowl is super easy to order. You don’t need any super crazy directions, just straight-forward ingredients.

You DO have to go in with a list of what you want, because if you just ask for the Loaded Breakfast Bowl, they will look at you like you are a bit insane.

But, never fear, we are about to tell you what you need to order.

Ask for:

A Big Breakfast with cheese on the eggs. Then, ask for a side of gravy.

I know. Not every McDonald’s has gravy. If yours doesn’t, you might want to move. LOL!!

It will be okay. It is still delicious without the gravy — it just adds a layer of creamy flavor that is out of this world.

Make sure, when you get to the window, you ask for ketchup. Trust me. It might sound weird, but it “makes” the whole thing — it brings the whole breakfast together into next level awesomeness.

How Do You Put Together The Loaded Breakfast Bowl Off The McDonald’s Secret Menu?

It may sound complicated, but it’s super simple.

The breakfast will come out on a platter with a lid. Turn that lid over, and use it as a bowl.

Put the eggs and cheese into your “bowl.” Break up your sausage and add it to the pile.

Next, break up your hash brown and put it on top of the sausage.

Now, carefully pour gravy over the whole thing. Watch out — don’t let it overflow.

The final step, and stick with me here. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. The final step is to rip open your ketchup packets and drizzle them onto the gravy topped mountain of breakfast foods.

Want to see a video of us putting the Loaded Breakfast Bowl together? You can catch it HERE.

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