The New ‘Loki’ Series Has Me More Confused Than ‘WandaVision’. Send Help.

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I was SO INCREDIBLY STOKED when I found out about the new Loki series coming out on Disney+. But we are two episodes in and I feel like I need to re-watch and dissect them.


So Loki does something he shouldn’t have according to the timekeepers and goes to a sort of “timekeepers jail”. Enter Owen Wilson, who I still can’t take seriously in his role, and it just gets weirder from there.


Just trying to wrap my head around the timekeepers and timelines and that entire world or wherever the heck they are is confusing enough. But now in episode two, there’s multiple Lokis?!? Was I supposed to already know this?


Ok…so now there’s a female Loki. They’re all tricksters. This one is messing up the timeline for some reason. Are the timekeepers even a real thing? WHAT IS HAPPENING?


So far, this series is giving me something nice to look at and a lot of questions. It’s also making me feel like I’m not as good of a nerd as I had thought because if I had read the original comments, maybe this would all make a bit more sense.


What are your thoughts on the series so far? Not what you expected? Blowing your mind? Let me know your theories and thoughts in the comments!


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