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Make Losing Weight Fun!

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The hardest thing for me about the idea of losing weight is the idea of it being “tough” or “hard”. It totally doesn’t have to be–that’s why I’ve decided to Make Losing Weight Fun! Make Losing Weight Fun Feature Although a big part of not losing weight is that secret fear I have of failing, a HUGE part of not losing weight is the yummy foods and the almost party atmosphere that makes-up half my life. My friend makes my husband cookies for doing her a big favor, my daughter makes fantastic snacks on her Hallecake vlog, or some awesome idea just popped-up on Pinterest that I HAVE to try…it’s endless! Make Losing Weight Fun Pin

How I’m Going to Make Losing Weight Fun:

  1. I got this silly pinata from Target…along with a bunch of small, fantastic yummies. You can probably just get a basket or a bucket or something, but I’m hunting for FUN!
  2. The pinata was my inspiration, so I didn’t want to destroy it…So, I stuck all the yummies on baking sticks, then stuffed them in the top of the pinata so they stuck-out.
  3. The pinata has now been strategically placed in the kitchen on the counter close to the fridge and pantry. This is so that when I’m after a snack, I am reminded that we’re having a bit of a party losing weight!

The Yummies I Included in My Pinata:

  • Juicy Fruit’s new Starburst gum (in cherry flavor, because it’s YUM).
  • Mints (lots of these, because I REALLY like mints).
  • One of those low-calorie candies because sometimes you need something chocolately.
  • Ribbon curls since its supposed to be a PARTY!

Make Losing Weight Fun Sq I’m most excited about the JuicyFruit-Starburst gum rolling around in my pinata…


Save Now at Target! I actually found it in two places! These fantasical flavors were in the snack aisle and in the check-out line. Which flavor, Strawberry or Cherry, are you most excited to try? Make Losing Weight Fun InStore

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