People Are Obsessed with This Lounge Sofa Chair Because of How Comfy It Is and I’ll Take Two

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Consider bean bag chairs so last year, at least the older versions anyway.

And it’s all thanks to this lounge chair that might just retire the classic bean bag for a more updated model.

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What’s dubbed the 1inchome lounge, this piece of furniture features a head rest for extra support behind your head.

Not to mention it also provides strong support for the back so you’re muscles aren’t aching after standing up from this chair.

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So say Hasta la vista to your uncomfortable chair at home because let’s face it, this is the chair of all of our dreams.

Stuffed with multiple-density foam with a suede exterior, this lounging chair will have you catching zzz’s because you reach the letter A.

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And not only is this chair the perfect spot to take a nap, but it’s also essential for game nights, binge-watching Netflix, reading a book or simply relaxing in while sipping on something hot.

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Oh, and did I mention that the fabric on this chair is not so easy to wrinkle compared to many bean bag chairs that look like dried up raisins after so many uses.

Plus, the fabric on the outside is also non-slip and comes in a handful of different colors to match your home decor.

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So I ask you, find us a comfier chair, we’ll wait.

You can currently find the lounge sofa chair online at Amazon to update your living room or even the bedroom.

Courtesy of Amazon

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