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Going Local: The LSA Burger Co in Denton, Texas

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I am forever on the quest for the perfect burger, so when I heard about the new LSA Burger Co. in Denton– I knew I had to check it out. They’re right on the square and they have a fabulous rooftop bar that overlooks downtown Denton, so I had very high hopes for the place.

LSA Burger CO in Denton Texas

But I was totally disappointed.

First, the waitress got our drink orders all wrong, which would have been okay if we hadn’t had to wait FOREVER for her to come back and take our orders. Wrong drink orders happen though, and we were willing to look past that.

Until our food came out, well I take that back– the adult food came out. They sat it down in front of us, (one person was missing the fries they ordered, but that was quickly remedied) and the children stared us down. We waited about five minutes for their food to arrive, hoping that maybe they just couldn’t carry everything all at once, but when it didn’t arrive, we flagged down a waiter and had them go check. They came back with assurances that they just wanted to make the kid’s meals extra fresh so they were cooking them now. (I guess they couldn’t have done that while they were cooking ours?)

We waited another ten minutes, the kiddos got their food, and we finally dug in. They liked their chicken tenders okay, and the Chili Willie Burger was good, but my Stevie Blue Cheese Burger was completely undercooked. We’re talking raw in the center. The waitress never asked us how we wanted them (I thought that was standard with burger places– I mean, they even ask at Chili’s.) but I would have asked for mine at least medium well. I like a good juicy burger as much as the next gal, but I don’t want to eat raw meat.

I didn’t send it back, because we’d waited so long for the kid’s food, but I should have. We promised the children dessert, and they were dying to try the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich on their menu featuring the famous Beth Marie’s ice cream, but the waitress checked with the cooks, and they were all out of cookies.

So, we left with disappointed kids that didn’t get their food on time, and missed out on dessert. All in all, we were unimpressed. We will try it again, but only because I am a sucker for all things Denton, and I want to see them get their act together and be something fantastic.

But, next time I won’t take the kids.


Check out the LSA Burger Co. Website here.
The LSA Burger Co is located at 113 West Hickory in Denton, Texas.

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