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LuLaRoe Christmas Prints Are Coming!!!

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Seriously, when someone mentioned this yesterday I was torn between hoping and dreading. I mean, if you were around for the Great LuLaRoe Halloween Rush of 2016, you know what I’m talking about. How fast all those uh-mazing prints went.

And then I saw the pictures…

Oh. My. God.

I want candy cane legs! These LuLaRoe Christmas Prints are every elf’s dream come true!!


LuLaRoe Christmas Prints Are Coming!!!

I’m seriously beside myself with all the outfit combinations in my head… Red fuzzy boots… Blingy gold jewelry… Comfy sweaters… And LULAROE CHRISTMAS LEGGINGS!

I haven’t heard if they will be releasing any other items with holiday prints on them, but a girl can hope, right?


Those Christmas tree leggings make me think of snow… And skiing… And all that weather we don’t get down here in Texas but like to watch on TV.

I’m seriously loving all the gold toned footwear styling in these pictures. Younger Me would die at that statement, but I really love how cheerful the golds is for the holiday.

So this is your warning… LuLaRoe Christmas prints are coming! Get ready, because these babies are going to go just as fast as the Halloween ones did.


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