LuLaRoe Dresses: An Introduction To Their Clothes, Review And Suggestions For Styling

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So far we’ve covered what LuLaRoe is and why some people feel their clothing is worth the price tag. Today I want to run down what they offer for dresses, some basic reviews and what to expect, and a few styling suggestions, tips and tricks! With so many options, you should have no problem finding one you’ll absolutely love!


LuLaRoe Dresses: An Introduction To Their Clothes, Review And Suggestions For Styling


The Carly dress is one of LuLaRoe‘s newest additions and everywhere I’ve seen it, it’s going like hotcakes. It’s basically a t-shirt dress with a high-low hemline. It comes in a wide variety of solids and prints, from simple and elegant to wild and wacky.

Now, I have to 100% admit that I went a little nuts over the Carly dress. In the first two weeks it was out, I bought eight. They are kind of awesome. What do I love about them? The material is super soft. If you hit the right size, which for me is a Small, they’re both lose fitting and flattering. That’s some serious talent. The downside is that sometimes you just can’t get the print or color you want in your perfect size. Going up means the fit is loser, kind of baggy, and you have to decide how you’d like to style it.

My favorite way is a Small with leggings. That’s it. Yeah, I probably look like I’m swimming in fabric, but I feel great–so what? If you want a more fitted look, you can belt the dress either at the natural waist or lower. Another option I’ve seen is using little mitten clamp elastics, like what you might see on a jacket. This cinches in the waist without a belt. I’m on the search for a nice, versatile style of one on Etsy, the black hole for my wallet.

Okay, I love the #LuLaRoe Carly and these three ways to wear her.

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This is LuLaRoe‘s most tailored dress, and I love it. It features a natural waist, a gathered skirt, zipper back and POCKETS!

This is one of my favorites simply because it’s so versatile. Wear it with flats and some chunky jewelry, it’s a great day look. Pair it with heals, some glitzy accessories and it’s an evening look. This dress is very forgiving and comfortable. I seriously love it!


This knit dress is super flattering. If you don’t want the tailored look of the Amelia, the Nicole is a good place to go. The skirt is just as full, but it lacks the poofy waistline and pockets of the Amelia. It’s super feminine, and again, it transitions well from casual to dressy with the right accessories. LuLaRoe literally has something for everyone!

I really like the comfort fit of the Nicole. Full disclosure, I cut the sleeves off all my Nicole’s and I probably have about ten. These are very flattering dresses that fit a woman’s body well. I’d just suggest playing with the sizes a bit. The Large is my sweet spot but it could be a bit tight for someone who doesn’t like a snug fit. Personally I can barely fit my arms in the Large sleeves, which was why I cut them off in the beginning. I’m glad I did though, because I keep doing it.

I got a Nicole #LuLaRoe dress!!! And promptly cut the sleeves off it…

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This is the most fitted piece of clothing LuLaRoe sells. It’s a knit, body hugging number that is both super sleek and comfortable.

My Julia’s are about the only LuLaRoe item I can leave the sleeves alone on. I have a big no-sleeves policy when it comes to my clothes, but I seriously adore the way the Julias look and feel on. Yes, it’s body hugging. You can size up for a loser fit, but honestly I don’t bother. Throw on a pair of shorts under it, some cute flats and some jewelry. BAM. It’s a stunning single item look. I’m looking forward to fall when I can wear these with a long sweater and boots.


The maxi dress is one of the more expensive LuLaRoe items and it’s harder to find. It features the same mid-length sleeves and scoop neck, along with a floor length skirt.

My main beef with the Anna is the lack of fun prints. I really dig the style of it, though I do wish that when they lay out the patterns they’d do a little effort to make them line up at the waistline. It always strikes me as weird looking, but hasn’t stopped me from wearing Anna’s. It’s another comfortable flattering item that you can wear as is, or pair with layering pieces and statement jewelry.

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