LuLaRoe Skirts: An Introduction To Their Clothes, Review And Suggestions For Styling

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So far we’ve covered what LuLaRoe is and why some people feel their clothing is worth the price tag. Today I want to run down what they offer for skirts, some basic reviews and what to expect, and a few styling suggestions, tips and tricks. My biggest recommendation, and will always be, is to make LuLaRoe your own. Figure out how YOU want to wear it, and go be your bad self!


LuLaRoe Skirts: An Introduction To Their Clothes, Review And Suggestions For Styling



This knee length, a-line skirt is pretty stinking adorable. For the most part, this will hit around the knee and has a fold-over waistband so you can adjust how and where it hits your leg. Want it short? Roll it up! Want it long? Unroll it! Easy as that. Typically these skirts come in a knit, slightly slinky fabric that washes and wears well with zero wrinkling, or a cotton that’s a little tighter, but definitely comfortable. It comes in a variety of prints, from fun and crazy to sedate and proper, with plenty of solids.

I’m all for this piece. I only own a few of the LuLaRoe Azure skirts and I really love the feel of them and how easy they are to wear. Yes, it’s a bit more than your typical knit skirt might cost, but I have yet to find issue with the construction or fabric. What’s more? You can size down a bit and wear it as a strapless top, bathing suit cover or a dress if you’re on the shorter side. If you’re looking to branch out from the leggings, this is a great piece to try.


The Cassie is the LuLaRoe pencil skirt. Like the Azure, the waistband is wide enough to allow some adjustment. For the most part these are a stretch, knit fabric.

Unlike a lot of other knit pencil skirts I’ve tried, the LuLaRoe one hasn’t rolled or bunched on me yet. It’s an actual comfortable pencil skirt. And with their range of patterns, prints and colors, this is an easy item to mix and match your dressy and casual. A blouse or a tank top isn’t going to look out of place with this garment.


The Maxi skirt is one of the pieces LuLaRoe started with. This skirt is super versatile, and has the same wide waist band that can be folded down to adjust the length and fit of the skirt. The Maxi is another item that can be dressed up or down depending on how you wear it.

What I like about the Maxi? You can wear it as a skirt or dress! And it makes for an adorable sundress, though you’ll probably want to size down to make sure the band is tight enough to stay up. I normally wear a Large, but for the Maxi skirts to stay up I stick with a Medium. It looks great with their Classic T-shirt. Personally? I love pairing it with a tank top!

Rocking my #LuLaRoe maxi skirt as a sundress. 😀

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This LuLaRoe full skirt option is pleated, sits at the natural waist and has POCKETS! Yes, you read that right, it has pockets. Size down for more poof, size up for a more relaxed look.

I really liked the look of the Madison, but it took me a while to take a chance on it. The silhouette and my style made me think of a more retro styling, but finally I found my first Madison and it was love! You can wear the Madison with a blouse and chunky belt for an evening look, or with a tank top and flats for a more comfortable day look. I’ve seen some adorable pictures of people wearing the Madison with t-shirts and sneakers who are on the go, and it really works. If you opt to size down, just know the waistband might cut in a bit. Try two different sizes at least to see what works for you.

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