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This Pool Allows You To Swim In The Ocean While Being Protected From Underwater Creatures

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Maybe I have watched too many scary movies about things that lurk in the ocean and other deep bodies of water. But there is just something about swimming where it is deep that is a bit unnerving. So many unknowns under there, but with Magic Swim you can have some comfort out there!

Magic Swim

Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? I have and it was NOT fun! Now getting stung by a jellyfish isn’t anything like getting eaten by a shark, but it still sucks. The Magic Swim can keep you safe from the jellyfish!


The Magic Swim Sea Pool is an inflatable pool that is designed to attach to a yacht, sailboat, boats, and even reefs! It allows you to swim in the ocean, while being protected from those lurkers that can hurt you, like jellyfish!

Magic Swim

It was designed by a naval engineer names Paolino Napolitano. It’s made from durable PVC and has an attached area that allows the seawater to enter the area through mesh-covered openings. This allows the water in and the critters out!


The bottom of this “pool” is a semi-rigid floating platform. So you can actually have something solid under your feet which allows you to stand and walk around. This is perfect for lakes too! I mean we do have Alligator Gar in the lakes here and those things are creepy!


No more worries of something coming from below you, or suddenly being in the middle of a swarm of jellyfish. This has been around for a long time and I can not believe I just now came across it! It’s a brilliant idea!


The Magic Sea Pool comes in different sizes! You can learn more and also purchase a Magic Sea Pool online from the website. How many of you want one of these? I know I do! Check out the video below to see how easy it is to use!

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